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hellaisabella asked:
Hi! Ok, so I read that post about bisexuality and I'm confused, like... I am attracted to people of like any gender or whatever, I'm more into people by their personality, and I thought that I was pansexual but I have no idea what the difference between pan and bi is anymore? Help?
monetizeyourcat replied:

pan and bi are labels. the importance of labels is not really in referring to a specific thing inherent to you and more in finding community and belonging among other marginalized people, finding friends and loved ones based on what matters to you instead of what’s supposed to matter to you

i’ve referred to myself as both, in some contexts i’m willing to call myself both (and not in a ‘pretending not to be gay’ way either as a thing coordinated with being gay), and i don’t think there’s any inherent thing they mean

what i used to mean by ‘i’m bi’ is ‘the people i get along best with are other people who can’t easily regard themselves as straight or gay’ and to an extent that’s still somewhat true but i’ve discovered i also get along really well with weird queer girls in general

so long story short: you’re pansexual because you feel that word and if you feel it more than bisexual that’s fine, if you feel both that’s fine, if you feel neither that’s fine. honestly the most important thing is just hanging out with girls